The MAJOR series travelers provide the operator with simple set-up and operation with fingertip hydraulic controls. The standard
hydraulics operate the jack, wheels, stabilizer legs, making large scale irrigation an easy low-labor operation. As the wheels lift up,
the machine is lowered gently on the ground giving additional stability and enabling the wheeled cart to load and lift itself
automatically into the transport position at the end of the irrigation cycle. The simple drive system (shown below) combines a 4
speed gearbox and turbine assembly ensuring accurate speed retraction with high efficiency and low-pressure requirement.
(Outside Georgia USA)
In Georgia or International Please call (770) 459-4401
Standard Features

> Low pressure turbine with maintenance free gearbox.
> Adjustable width wheeled cart.
> Part circle sprinkler with 2 nozzles.
> Pressure gauge
> Scroll type hoseguide for even wind up of hose.
> Speed control valve for accurate application rates.
> 12 foot supply hose with quick couplers.
> Automatic cart loading and lifting.
The patented drive system combines a 4
speed gearbox with the low pressure turbine,
eliminating the need for pulleys and belts,
keeping maintenence at a minimum.
The turbine enables the machine to be used
for waste water disposal.
Galvanized cart and stabilizer legs for long life.
Turntable bearing.
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The Honda 6.5 hp hydraulic power pack is available to operate the machine

An Optional Honda 5.5 hp engine drive kit can be added to your JX1000
Compressor unit standard can be used to
empty the hose of water at the end of each
irrigation cycle.
Galvanized Crossover Pipe.
Floating double axle gives additional stability
and ease of transport in difficult terrain.
The Rainmaster 2.6 lets you set your machine
and go with more accuracy than ever.
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NOTE: Acreage is based on 1" application, 15 hours a day, 7 days a week.