Standard Features
Patented hydraulic rewind cylinder for low maintenance.
Minimum Pressure requirement of 30 PSI. (Max. 60)
Micro filter for clean feed water .
Automatic water shut off valve at end of irrigation.
Skid cart.
Part circle sprinkler with 2 nozzles.
Speed control valve to regulate application rate.
12 foot supply hose with quick couplers.
Height: 26 inches
Ideal for Sportsfields or yard irrigation, this small compact traveler easily works off of household water pressure, irrigating an area of
up to 1/3 of an acre in one setting.
Patented Hydraulic Drive Unit
Skid Cart
NOTE: Acreage is based on 1" application, 15 hours a day, 7 days a week.
(Outside Georgia USA)
In Georgia or International Please call (770) 459-4401
Hose Length: 165 feet
Hose I.D.: 0.75 inches
Maximum Flow: 12 gpm @ 60 psi w/Spray Range 54'
Minimum Flow: 6 gpm @ 30 psi w/Spray Range 42'
Maximum wetted area: 0.30 acres
*Maximum Acreage: with 1 inch application=2.50 acres
Weight: 120 pounds
Width: 21 inches
Length: 30 inches
Height: 26 inches
70 Grady Knight Industrial Court, Villa Rica, Georgia 30180
(770) 459-4401 Phone | (770) 459-6877 Fax
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