Standard Features
Patented hydraulic rewind cylinder for low maintenance.
Minimum Pressure requirement of 30 PSI. (Max. 90)
Micro filter for clean feed water.
Automatic water shut off valve at end of irrigation.
Adjustable width wheeled cart.
Part circle sprinkler with 2 nozzles.
Hose guide for even wind up of hose.
Speed control valve to regulate application rate.
12 foot supply hose with quick couplers.
Irrigating up to 3/4 of an acre in one pull, the Micro 32 has a simple drive system and operates at low pressures making it ideal for
Horse arenas, Landscaping, Sportsfields, Hobby farms, Cemeteries, Vegetable farms, Feed plots, Nurseries, and lots more.
Patented Hydraulic Drive Unit
Adjustable Width Trolley
(Outside Georgia USA)
In Georgia or International Please call (770) 459-4401
Hose Length: 295 feet
Hose I.D.: 1.00 inches
Maximum Flow: 16 gpm @ 90 psi w/Spray Range 61'
Minimum Flow: 7 gpm @ 30 psi w/Spray Range 42'
Maximum wetted area: 0.80 acres
*Maximum Acreage: with 1 inch application=3.75 acres
Weight: 200 pounds
Width: 30 inches
Length: 38 inches
Height: 31 inches

NOTE: Acreage is based on 1" application, 15 hours a day, 7 days a week.
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