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Agribusiness International, Inc., was established in 1979 in Villa Rica, GA. Our goal was to provide quality agricultural irrigation equipment and accessories at an affordable price for US farmers and growers. After many years of supplying equipment in the US and in the world, the name of ABI Irrigation has become synonymous with quality in the agricultural irrigation market. Our personalized approach to each grower means the customer is receiving the best equipment for his or her specific use. The portability of the irrigation reel or traveler from field to field and its quick set-up makes it a great option for many today. The ABI/RM Irrigation traveler is well known for its efficiency, simplicity, and durability worldwide. Our product line covers many applications including sod farms, hay farms, animal growers, polo and sports fields and of course vegetables and fruits. We take pride in our product and encourage you to look at our complete range of irrigation travelers /hose reels and pumps for both water and wastewater, irrigation pipe, irrigation guns, power pumping units in diesel, propane or natural gas, couplers, hoses, pto shafts and storage containers for water or chemicals. Let us help you put water where you want it – when you need it!