GX 540 Series
Hose Reel

Covering 3 to 4 acres per pull the GX540 traveler has been introduced to provide an economical answer to agricultural irrigation by combining accurate, low cost hose reel irrigation with a simple and efficient drive system. The 3-speed gearbox can achieve speeds of over 325 feet per hour to give a light application of water to delicate crops making the GX Series a versatile irrigation traveler. GX machines all have accurate speed compensation with digital speed read-out and clock.gital speed read-out and clock.

Standard Features

  • Low pressure turbine with maintenance free gearbox.
  • Minimum Pressure requirement of 68 PSI. (Max. 140)
  • Minimum Flow requirement of 45 gpm. (Max. 148)
  • Adjustable width wheeled cart.
  • Part circle sprinkler with 2 nozzles.
  • Pressure gauge
  • Scroll type hose guide for even wind up of hose.
  • Speed control valve for accurate application rates.
  • 12-foot supply hose with quick couplers.
  • Automatic cart loading.